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Now we move onto your wedding day itself.


Depending on what package you've chosen with us we will arrive (usually too early) and get some nice exterior shots of your venue and surrounding areas. Using our motto of 'See it Differently' we film your venue uniquely each time. Even if we are regular visitors somewhere - we will do our best not to replicate any shot we've done there before. No stock footage.


Then (again package depending) we'll either start covering your bridal prep or your guests arrivals. We use high spec zoom lenses so we aren't getting too close and personal.


For the ceremony and speeches we use lapel microphones to capture audio as close to its source as possible and two or three cameras offering different angles.


We want to be as discreet as possible during the day - this is why we use no lighting rigs and use cameras the size of a standard DSLR camera.


When we get home all the footage is backed up and we then get ready to edit!


Aberdeenshire wedding videography films Aberdeen Scotland

'I sometimes like to lurk in the bushes'

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