Alistair + Kelly-527.jpg

Me and my lovely Wife on our wedding day

(Credit to Marianne Chua Photography)


Apollo aka 'Pops'


Mimi aka 'Potato'



I'm Ali - the head honcho at Flat 4D Media. I've been shooting weddings for over six years. During that time I met and married the love of my life Kelly and also discovered that cats are awesome. In particular our two - Mimi and Apollo.

I'm lucky that my passion is also my job but when I'm not filming or editing I can be found watching wrestling, reading Batman and drinking coffee. Yes, I got the better end of the deal when Kelly married me.

I love wedding videography in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire (no that last sentence isn't to try and improve my websites SEO...) but I am always happy to travel further afield if you want me to.