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Chapter 3 - Nuart Aberdeen

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

After a short break I’ve decided to return to my blog. By short I mean 217 days. With our old friend hindsight I discovered starting a blog in the height of wedding season and in the build up to our own wedding, wasn’t my wisest move. Wisdom aside – I’m back at it. Relatively refreshed after enjoying some time off and raring to go into my 5th (I think!) full wedding season.

This past Monday I was invited along to a tour of Aberdeen’s Nuart. By invited I mean I invited myself and wasn’t told to go away. At first I saw it as pushing myself out of usual social comfort zone of my day time companions Mimi and Apollo but as I experienced it I found myself doing something I didn’t think was possible – enjoying Aberdeen City in a whole new way.

I met with a few local photographers and our tour guide for the afternoon. We were guided along the streets of Aberdeen and stopped to look at each piece of Nuart along the way. I’m not one for sitting analysing paintings and their deeper meanings but even I could appreciate the multitude of each piece of art. The thought of producing anything on the side of a building let alone these detailed pieces astounded me. There’s a real charm to the smaller paintings tucked away too – almost blink and you’ll miss them pieces. But stop and look at them and again you’ll be taken a back by the level of detail. I’ve been guilty of walking past a few and them not registering. Now I feel I'll be pointing them out to everyone who has the pleasure (?) of walking around with me.

As I looked at all these pieces of art - snapping away on my camera - I realised that not only was I soaking up the art but I was looking at the city in a whole new way. I was discovering streets that I never knew existed – businesses I’d never seen before. I wasn’t just walking to my nearest Starbucks for a coffee but looking at my city in the same way I’d look at every other city - as a tourist. I’d really recommend doing the tour even if you’re not a fan of art. I don’t think you have to be to appreciated the level of talent that has gone into this project over the years. They’ve breathed new (nu?) life into areas that would normally go unnoticed. I was guilty of seeing Aberdeen as a bit behind the times – the old ‘nothing happens in Aberdeen’ attitude. Things are happening in Aberdeen – you just have to look. And not very hard.

Seeing Aberdeen City in a new light has made me step back and think - could we do this with our wedding venues? Do our wedding venues have even more to offer than meets the eye? Are there hidden gems within the realm of each venue yet to be discovered? So many questions to leave you on but they're all points to ponder.

So there you go - I'd highly recommend arranging a tour of Nuart Aberdeen (this can be done here - ) and take an adventure around the city you thought you knew.

Until next time.


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