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Prologue - About the Author

How do you introduce a blog? I've literally never written one (the cringy ones when I was 15 on Bebo don't count).

I thought it would be nice for my wedding couples – past, present and future to get to know me and my crazy family of Kelly, Mimi and Apollo (they’re our cats) and any thoughts I may (or may not in a lot of cases) have. There’s no real area of focus here, weddings are a bit part of my life so they’ll feature heavily I guess along with stories, dramas and all my goings on. I want to connect. I get to know all my couples in the lead up to their wedding – it’s only fair that you get to know me too. Plus I think Kelly is sick of my ranting and I needed somewhere to channel it.

So my topic of choice this week will be ME. Don’t worry this won’t be an ego trip, just a little background to get you all up to speed.

I go by many names, but generally I go by Ali. I’m the head honcho at Flat 4D Media, with a burning (sometimes crippling) desire to produce the best wedding films I possibly can all whilst trying to balance business, life and most importantly sleep. I live with my Fiancé Kelly and two cats Mimi and Apollo. I owe Flat 4D Media to these guys but that’s another story for a different time.

My interest in filming began when I was around 14 years old when I was able to hook up my EyeToy (look it up kids) to a VHS player (look it up even younger kids). From here I could record directly onto tape. These films mainly consisted of me making a mockery of myself – a trait that I still hold to this day – and showing them to my sister Gail when she arrived home from work. She found them funny and thus began my addiction of creating videos to provoke an emotion. Naturally this would lead to me investing in an actual camera and creating mini home movies and my very own horror movie. At the age of 18 I ventured to college to study TV production after which I teamed with a friend to make YouTube content. Bored at my 9 to 5 job I opted to try and film a wedding which I did, this then started a chain reaction of filming weddings followed by a rebrand which landed me here today.

That’s the short version, I’m sure over time I’ll expand on a few of these details and go into more depth when the occasion calls from it.

Filming weddings has allowed me to meet, connect and have some amazing experiences in my life. There’s been highs and there’s been some mighty lows – but every experience has taught me to step back, revaluate and evolve. So come and join me on this journey of self discovery, tales of adventure and loss, of a mind full of crazy – into the destination unknown.

It’s only right that I fashion the blogs like our wedding films – like a book with chapters. I guess that makes this the ‘About the Author’ section?

Until next time.


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