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what's included?

- Filming from morning preparations through to 9.30pm

- Novella Film (3-4 minutes)

- Full Feature Film (20 to 25 minutes)

- Real Time Edit of Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance

£ 2500

(can only be booked alongside above packages)

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10 to 15 short clips from your wedding film formatted into vertical video ideal for Instagram and TikTok 24 hours after your wedding

Clips can include - 

Bridal/Groom Prep

First Looks

Walking down the ailse

First Kiss


Cake Cutting

Bad dancing


Want blackmail material for your guests?

Want to hear what song Uncle Bob was jiving to?

This is all your footage cut and polished with it's original audio.


Want extra coverage through to the bitter end of

your wedding day? Want video evidence of whose

still standing by the end of the night? This is the add-on for you.

£ 400

£ 350

"OH MY GOSH IT IS AMAZING!!…… I cried, within the first 10 seconds!!!" 

- It Was a Thursday Evening

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